PIKAS are a group of independent consultants who provide consulting services and the implementation of suggested necessary measures.

Business Success Formula

Our path

By constant monitoring of market situation we are offering services according to the needs of clients.

The company Pikas Ltd. was launched in November 2009., providing management consultancy and interim management services working for the banks and privately owned companies.

The goal of our business activity is to support companies in re-solving accumulated problems and create a new basis for further growth and development, leading to increasing the value of the company.

To investors we are offering reliable co-operation and service in areas of: business analysis, portfolio (NPLs) analysis, distress debt restructuring, support in funding and/or acquisition distress debt projects, debt collection and special situations (restructuring) support.

Today we are growing company with excellent connections and knowledge on the market, gathering proven professionals and providing full service in a process.

Success is simple.
Do what's right, the right way, at the right time. Arnold H. Glasow


Providing professional business consulting services, as well as interim or crisis management, by building the value for our clients, and becoming a respectable agency in management consultancy and interim management oriented to medium-sized companies.


Knowledge, faith, courage - these virtues, inscribed on Dubrovnik's Porporela column wind rose, unambiguously describe our attitude and approach to business and life.

Knowledge is characterized by the values acquired in numerous trainings and business cases during our careers. Knowledge is the only matter that grows by sharing!

Faith represents our integrity, positive approach to problem-solving and success-oriented attitude (beliefs).

Courage describes a proactive attitude and approach to business challenges.

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability. Harry F. Banks

Who we are / The Team

A group of proven professionals in various industries (banking, distribution, FMCG, construction, ICT, law, food industry, agriculture, manufacturing, textile industry, trade-representation, etc.) with different skills and profound knowledge necessary for obtaining quality results.

Group leaders are

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The team works with a group of lawyers, tax advisers and a number of specialists-associates. In the past seven years, Pikas with his associates have successfully closed over hundred of business cases.

Are you ready for challenges? Would you like to become a member of our team?

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You must be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

Our services

Believing that business consultancy gains additional value only by the high quality of its implementation, we offer services that lead to business success and are therefore called “services for business success”.

Services for business success:

  • Management consulting,
  • Restructuring (financial, operative and/or marketing), business process re-engineering (BPR), Special Situations - Distress Debt Restructuring,
  • In depth Business Analysis or case analysis, NPLs portfolio valuations,
  • Complex business problems solving, negotiation in crisis,
  • Implementation through Interim and/or Crisis Management services, Debt Collection,
  • Leading process and creating models of Pre-Bankruptcy Settlement,
  • Consultation services for projects, investments, organizational changes, mergers and takeovers, capital increase, distress, sale, etc.
  • Feasibility studies, business plan.

Integrity of the service and speed of implementation is a key advantages for the client and competitive advantage of service provider. Our approach is unique because we think as entrepreneurs, business owners and managers, which is reflected in our approach to challenges.

We also provide mediation, negotiation and representation services in various cases, projects, as well as the services of finding strategic partners (joining) and buy or sale of companies.

Depending on the specific needs of each business case, we closely cooperate with our clients and engage associates (field specialists), who are ready to face challenges, and possess integrity and appropriate knowledge and motivation for delivering the best possible results/solutions.

We are simply helping you to “catch the fish” in a different way.

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